Start-up: Our journey with acurraent has just begun.

December 3, 2020

Our start-up journey has just begun. Almost two years passed since we took this website online, incorporated and started our journey. Back then I was expecting to write this first blog post much sooner. The truth is that when you return from the notary, opened your business account and search for customers, the focus is somewhere else. You do not have time to market your own business in a sustainable way because you want to make sales to keep your start up afloat.

Relying on quick sales does not, however, pay off in the long run. In these two years we have collected over eighty (!) bot comments on this first blog post, which originally titled ‘Hello World!’. A potential customer could have read them and thought that this agency cannot possibly be legit. Yet, we are alive and open for business.

Although the odds have been against us, we managed to break even, fivefold our sales, and triple our customer base. Despite the fact that most successful founders are older than forty, we built a business that is ready for the future and loved by its customers in our twenties. We are looking forward to grow in the last of the first three years during which most start ups fail. For us it feels like we just hit the roads. We are healthier than ever and ready to transform your social media channels.

If you are interested in learning more about our founders and their journey, reach out to Ben on Twitter at @ben_criticus or Victoria on LinkedIn.


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